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I went back to blogging again. I'm *still* on Blogspot (

I was thinking to use Wordpress but I can't really leave Blogspot for some reason. Must be because of how easy it is to customized compared to WP since I need to upgrade my account before I can fully work on it.

One of the earliest entries there in my blog is about my trip to Singapore and attending L'arc En Ciel's concert there. IT WAS AWESOME! I thought I need to go to Japan just to see them perform LIVE~
Currently, there's a campaign to bring Laruku in your respective countries. To those in the PH, please help us bring them to our country. Put that block voting skill to good use!
Also, there's an ongoing campaign in Twitter: #LarcMNL.

Been busy with some work-related projects. Thank God, I was able to take some time out and attended KOMIKON this year. My friends and I are thinking of selling our items in a convention this year. For now, check out our online shop:

I'm not active lately here. But you can find me in my Blog: and Twitter:
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April has always been one of the busiest months for me. Not only because it's my birth month but it's usually the time for reunions and summer parties. And I always make it a point to do something different each year for my b-day. Like last yr, my friends and I played bowling, visited DZRH (a radio station here in the Philipines) and a themed park!

This year, I'll go to Singapore and watch the concert of my favorite Jrock band: L'arc En Ciel. My flight's going to be next week. time flies so fast. It was around January-February when I was talking to one of my friends about this and now, it's just a week away before I'll go there.

I'm also excited to meet my friends in SG. If you're in SG and will also watch Laruku on April 28th, let me know! I'm always delighted to meet fellow fans and gain new friends. :)

PREMIUM Membership Day+Cosplay Poll

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 3:15 PM
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Do you like kitties? ^_^

I logged here in DA and was pleased by the free premium membership access that DA has provided TODAY to ALL MEMBERS. That's right! So open up your DAs and explore it. Don't forget to fave or leave a note/message to anyone you see here that deserves some love. :)

I apologize if the site looks silly right now with too many images/randomness. I'm trying out all widgets/privileges. WHICH LEADS US TO... the cosplay poll.

I can't think of any topic for the poll except cosplay since most of entries here are about that. Hope you'll join the poll. It's just for fun and I couldn't resist to gauge what you guys think of some of the characters that I've been dreaming to do. Maybe you've been planning to do one of the characters as well. I'd like to hear how are you preparing for it.

Happy Premium Membership Day to all Deviants!

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I got this from :iconjactinglim:
It's been a while since I've done this. I hope I'll be able to complete the list.


Be one of the first 20 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Featured List!

For each of the 20 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the 3 deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.

IMPORTANT: If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 19 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone. I will check whether or not you have done this.

1. :iconjactinglim:
I met her thru Plurk. She's really nice and talented. I have good laughs with her on various things we've discussed. I hope I get to meet her in person when she's here in PH.

RF cosplay
Lily and Jowan (art)
Recruiter (art)

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The SailorMoon series remains close to my heart. Even if the story may seem redundant, the characters somehow grew up with us,fans. Since it did cover some controversial themes. Still, it's definitely a classic. Michiru Kaioh has always been and will be my favorite sailor senshi (aside from Usagi/SailorMoon).

The plan started as me cosplaying Michiru with no Haruka. Everything was ready (we were aiming for a Michiru-deity look). But as a SailorMoon fan, I can't deny the fact that we need a Haruka. My favorite character looks 'complete' with Haruka. There were many whom we contacted. It was hard to choose as well. Then we decided it was Rai. She has crossplayed Tezuka of Prince of Tennis before. Even though this is the first boyish character for her, I felt I can trust her in this project. That was the connection - trust. Haruka and Michiru are like that. Also, we were both comfortable with each other. I was surprised when I noticed how Rai and I interact in real life is similar to the said characters. Rai is the reserved one. While, I'm very open, at times, blunt with my thoughts and emotions. Rai doesn't say much. She just smiles and looks at you. Despite being reserved, she still impresses everyone that you can befriend her easily. Something that is very Haruka, right? And so, we decided to go for the school uniform and casual look.

For the school uniform, the checkered pattern is not as accurate as seen in the series. However for the casual, we wanted something contemporary. We had our photoshoot last May 28, Saturday. The weather was very unpredictable. I'm very thankful that everyone's spirits didn't dampen a bit. There were so determined and passionate about this project.

I would like to thank these wonderful people who were part of bringing these beloved characters to life!
Haruka: Rai Inocencio
Photographers: Bob Coran, Ian Clarito, Joji Demillo, Bernard Christopher Tan Macababat
Makeup/Stylist: Chris Martinez
Costume: Tita Margo
Special Mention: Richard (for helping me get the photographers), Chonkee and Awi (for the support during the shoot), Aish (for the ideas), Shoki (for referring Rai), Kid (for inspiring Chris, lol) and my BFF Mikki for helping me shop.

Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we did. ^_^

PS: Thank you Naoko Takeuchi for making SailorMoon. You made astronomy as an interesting subject rather than a boring science for me. I actually won a science quiz bee contest (during elementary) because I know all of the 9 planets thru your sailor scouts. lol. Michiru's symbol is Psi. I have a degree in Psychology. Is it just coincidence? We'll never know...
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I've uploaded my Princess Peach cosplay taken last Ozine (2009). I've to say this must be the best kid-friendly and parent-approved costume I have based on the audience's reaction. lol.

My friends and I went out yesterday. I just want to share one funny story about me from yesterday's trip. We were all talking random topics and eventually seiyuu (voice actors). I think I spaced out a bit so when I came back, they were talking about Koyasu. And I wanted to know who's that Koyasu they're talking about so I suddenly asked: "My Koyasu?"

My friends went dumbfounded and just said: "Takehito Koyasu."
I replied: "Ah, okay. So it is MY KOYASU."
Then everyone laughed as they know how I love Takehito Koyasu's voice and some of the characters he dubbed. I laughed at myself too as I sound such a fangirl over him to point of claiming him as mine.

haha.. so just like that I owned Takehito Koyasu.. At least in a conversation. :)

Please check our humble online shop which carries some of our anime and cosplay collection. We're offering it for an affordable price. For Philippine buyers only.

Thank You!
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That's what some of my Chinese friends here would say today as it's the Chinese new year today. The malls and other establishments have posted some decorations for the said event.
So to those who are observing this, Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!

Anyway, I had terrible chills this morning so I didn't go to work. Spent half of the day
sleeping and just drinking lots of H20. I got colds and cough since Monday. Since it's the Chinese New Year, I'm thinking maybe at work they're eating nice Chinese food already. Our company has a diverse community and you'll get a chance to taste different food and learn new things.

I don't have chills right now (but still have dizzy spells so will just post this and leave) so I'm using my free time to surf around and keep in touch
with people I share with some of my hobbies. I miss being surrounded by non-work related stuff in a way. I have plans to go back to cosplay this year. I've started doing some research on some characters I'm considering since last week. Every person has an approach on how to pull a cosplay. Like for me, once I'm decided on a character, I usually look for what fabrics to work on, prepare some guide how I want it to look like then I consult it with my mom, friends and of course, the seamstress. (note: I don't sew but the guide is something I give/the seamstress usually asks esp if it has certain lines or design to work on)

For this new project, I started looking for the wig first. Most characters I've seen have
very rebellious colors or hairstyles. For my previous cosplays, either I use my hair or buy a wig from the mall or thru local sellers with online shops. After a long and hard search, I decided to order online thru a supplier based abroad. This is the first time I'm doing such transaction. I have some fears about ordering online but at the same I'm excited at the thought it's the exact wig I need.

But if you have any suggestions where I can buy wigs next time (local or abroad), feel free to post links here. :)
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I'd like to wish everyone to enjoy the holidays. Peace and prosperity for everyone this Yuletide season and for 2011.

Cheers! *toast*
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This happened a few weeks ago. I'm absolutely delighted when doing a random search I found a Yami no Manga set on sale (Japanese print, up to vol.11). It was second-hand but who cares? I'm drawn to this series. Good thing, I'm familiar with the seller as we've interacted before in one of the anime forums I'm in:

My Japanese is getting rusty so I've to give credit to… for the translations.

And in keeping up with my Yami no Matsuei fangirling, I'm checking out some lovely artworks. *sigh*

At present, I'm recuperating as my doctor advised me that I'm stressed out. I'm still under observation and was advised by a friend to seek a 2nd opinion. I admit I've pushed myself to the edge. I wish everything will be alright.
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To those Initial D fans like me, I went on a random trip to the arcade yesterday and saw the latest version - 5 in the Philippines already. Don't you just love such incidents?
I got excited today since I've received my latest Initial D card.

My first 4 games were all win - last race was with Kylie. I was surprised because it's been 2years since I last played Initial D and it was still ver 4. Another thing that surprised me was using Honda Civic (EG6). It was my 1st time to use it and managed to win all of the races thru it. I tried the Bunta car but couldn't get the hang of it. I won 2 games out of 4. :(
On ver 3, I used Bunta car. ver 4, it was an FC. I'm not sure what it says about my skills now.

After playing the game, I didn't realize the mall is already closing. haha.. just like in the old days. My friends and I would play this game until the mall closes. We even bring extra clothes because some games can really be intense. Especially when someone challenges you to race. Another thing I noticed is how males think I'll not be able to last long in a game. I did enjoy proving them wrong. :P Extra points for me! yay~ Can't wait to customize my car.

I won 2 kiribans here in DA. One of which is an art by :iconkaiminden:
Hope you can visit her page~
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(belated) Happy Easter everyone!
Happy B-day to April celebrants like me. Who are the other April celebrants you know?
For anime, I know Astroboy is one. XD
Anyway, Thank you to all who greeted me.

I would like to thank the following artists for giving me permission to use their art in my invites.
:iconnamieiku: :iconblazing-wolf1763:
Though due to lack of my time, I wasn't able to use their art. But I definitely would love to in the future. I'm humbled that they took the time to reply.

This year, I decided to do something new for my quarter of a century existence here on Earth. Since my b-day was on a Black Saturday and the day after that is Easter Sunday, my family and friends donned bunny ears. tee-hee! And this is how I looked as a bunny girl - and my cake was…
It was a simple celebration and everybody had fun.

I didn't know what team I was part of during April Fool's day here on DA. But I've seen from other people's pages how funny it was.

:iconsiberianclaws: and :icondearttolife: gave me some Llama lovin'.
yay! :glomp:

To the others, let's give Llama love. It's free and we all deserve to love and be loved, ne?

Also, what are you doing lately? Formspring maybe?
I've answered 37 questions to date and I really enjoy having a venue to ask my on-line friends without getting uncomfortable so much.

Love and Peace everyone!
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Hey, everyone. Before anything else, please support Earth Hour. By switching off our lights, together we can stand against climate change.

Next Saturday, it will be my birthday. ^_^
It'll be interesting how it will turn-out as it is under Holy Week. (Philippines being a predominantly Roman Catholic country)

Also, congratulations to all of my friends who got their degrees this March or who'll get them this year.

PS: What are you doing this summer btw?
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The Nihongo Fiesta was an epic fun event for me. Aside from getting an exclusive Shonen Knife guitar pick, I got to bond with my friends too!

It was nice to see Visual Kei and Ganguro-inspired fashion. I managed to talk to Contestant #9, Siberian Claw (i hope i got it right ^^;) who also won the said contest. We talked a bit about work and that we graduated with the same course.

After the fashion event, there's a free concert feat. Shonen Knife.
Notable bands (in the Phils) like Pedicab and Duster were there as support acts too.
Anyway, when the band came out. It was like "OH! SHONEN KNIFE!!! kyaaaaa~~~"
Banana Chips is definitely the most recognizable song in the crowd.
I really enjoy hearing this band live! Even the late Kurt Cobain got mesmerized by their talent and energy. It was epic when Shonen Knife played their last song with the Filipino bands. Astig!

This year's Nihongo Fiesta was definitely a blast.

PS: If you have a Formspring account, I have one too. ^^

excerpt from…
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I haven't done any Ask Me Anything session. I think it will help us to get to know each other, ne? I have an account at Formspring -
Hope to hear from you guys and dolls. ^_~

Advance Happy V-day to all. <3
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2010 will surely give a lot of new things for us. I'm scared and excited at the same time.

I would like to say thank you for all the wonderful people I've meet here in DA this 2009. It never fails to excite me whenever I met people whom I feel I can learn from or have common interests.

Content-wise, I've done at least 3 shoots which is a feat for me already given my schedule and workload. ^^;;

So thank you for all the love and support.

Wishing you a HAPPIER new year.
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^^ I would like to greet you and your family a Merry Christmas. ;)
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Finally, free day from work! Happy Holidays everyone. Wishing you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. ^^

I haven't been able to join other shoots due to my workload.
Now, I believe most of you have been to Xmas parties this month. I've been to 3 already. 2 in the office and the last one was with the org I'm with during college.

Our dept's Xmas party theme is Mafia Wars. And everybody was in it for dressing-up. ^^ So good to see a lot of people participated. I was one of the Top 10 Finalists for Best Dressed that evening. I thought I wouldn't be involved since last year I won already and I was one of the emcees in the party that night.

Aside from the people, I really love how the venue looked like as if it's a convention of Mafia leaders. It was a nice party to bond the employees in this challenging year of recession. Though our company wasn't affected by it, we still have to be practical in handling our resources. Anyway, hope you'll enjoy the food and festivities in the coming days. Watch out 2010! ;)
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I've been receiving notes for my other online accounts. So here they are: ^_^
Plurk -
Twitter -

Anyway, Philippines has been getting a lot of typhoons. How are you guys doing btw?
Just last night, the wind was so strong that I couldn't sleep. I was afraid
it will break the glass windows. It's noon already and at least the sun is showing up- I take it as a good sign.

Work is keeping me busy and has been told that I'm doing well at it. I'm now reporting to a new lead. Adjustments are inevitable but I'm excited.
I'm still thinking of becoming a Senior Associate in Human Resources. Somehow, I'm hesitant. Afraid of the unknown.
But there's no other way but for me to move up. And certainly I don't want to find myself down, stagnant and bored.
I've attended a seminar last week and it further emphasized my role in Human Resources. I can't help but also to be amazed on the things
I've overcome and is currently doing. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, ne?

In keeping the work-life-balace ^_^,
I was at the the Ford Models - Philippines competition too. I watched and supported my colleague's daughter.
If you guys think I'm tall already, wait til you see those girls in ramp!
Pinay supermodel Charo Ronquillo also graced the event.

Halloween is today! Who are you going to be?
I'll just recycle something in my closet. But haven't decided on a character. :P
And Xmas is near. It's 50+ days to go.

I'm reunited with Adobe Photoshop. Tho my laptop can only accommodate CS3. I've been looking for tutorial sites. If you got any suggestions, please do!
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I was absent for a week from work. I gained sore eyes. Friends called it either geass or sharingan. But I think it was a geass. Since it influenced things such as emotion, perception and memory. No one really wanted to hang-out with me or believed I'm safe to be with. I think its power is to repel people. lol.

Onto the new stuff I uploaded- 1 pic I took for my seamstress and the other two are Working Girl Glam, this time by Jay. I'm honored that all of my photographers are really good. They say they're just starting out. I may not know much about photography but I feel they did a great job not only on my set.

I'm excited next week since we'll have a general assembly at our company and employees are encouraged to dress up anything to do with rock n roll. If I wasn't so busy, I'd definitely do a Nana cosplay preferably Reira. haha, what an excuse. Alright seriously, I'll just do glam rock. I'm going to dig my closet for that. I know I have something.. here. Times like these, I'm thankful that I bought some things that can be used on various occasions not just within anicons.

So, everyone... please hug me. I'm cured already. :)
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I got no work today because Cory Aquino, the Philippines' first female president will be buried today.

She (Cory) went thru some coup attempts during 1987-1989.
[sidestory: We experienced that 1st hand, as my family that time were living near/inside
a camp base. Suddenly helicopters and tanks went out. We didn't know what was happening but my playmates and I were waving at them, thinking: cool.
My grandpa would take us under their wing whenever coup attempts arise.
The adults got a disturbed look on their faces. I remember my grandma thought their house might be a target of an attack as well. We were taught where to hide inside the house and were asked to memorized names/places to go to if something unexpected happens. And you thought that was only in anime/telenovelas!]

Pres. Cory managed to control these situations. It must have been hard for her. With no prior experience in politics but only armed with her desire to uplift the democracy and the Filipino people. She has her flaws and did try her best in most
situations. RIP.

Somehow, it irks me how people tend to be reactive and exaggerate things on her death.

On a lighter note, the Manila Comic Con will be this sat-sun. Note me if you're going. :)