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The SailorMoon series remains close to my heart. Even if the story may seem redundant, the characters somehow grew up with us,fans. Since it did cover some controversial themes. Still, it's definitely a classic. Michiru Kaioh has always been and will be my favorite sailor senshi (aside from Usagi/SailorMoon).

The plan started as me cosplaying Michiru with no Haruka. Everything was ready (we were aiming for a Michiru-deity look). But as a SailorMoon fan, I can't deny the fact that we need a Haruka. My favorite character looks 'complete' with Haruka. There were many whom we contacted. It was hard to choose as well. Then we decided it was Rai. She has crossplayed Tezuka of Prince of Tennis before. Even though this is the first boyish character for her, I felt I can trust her in this project. That was the connection - trust. Haruka and Michiru are like that. Also, we were both comfortable with each other. I was surprised when I noticed how Rai and I interact in real life is similar to the said characters. Rai is the reserved one. While, I'm very open, at times, blunt with my thoughts and emotions. Rai doesn't say much. She just smiles and looks at you. Despite being reserved, she still impresses everyone that you can befriend her easily. Something that is very Haruka, right? And so, we decided to go for the school uniform and casual look.

For the school uniform, the checkered pattern is not as accurate as seen in the series. However for the casual, we wanted something contemporary. We had our photoshoot last May 28, Saturday. The weather was very unpredictable. I'm very thankful that everyone's spirits didn't dampen a bit. There were so determined and passionate about this project.

I would like to thank these wonderful people who were part of bringing these beloved characters to life!
Haruka: Rai Inocencio
Photographers: Bob Coran, Ian Clarito, Joji Demillo, Bernard Christopher Tan Macababat
Makeup/Stylist: Chris Martinez
Costume: Tita Margo
Special Mention: Richard (for helping me get the photographers), Chonkee and Awi (for the support during the shoot), Aish (for the ideas), Shoki (for referring Rai), Kid (for inspiring Chris, lol) and my BFF Mikki for helping me shop.

Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we did. ^_^

PS: Thank you Naoko Takeuchi for making SailorMoon. You made astronomy as an interesting subject rather than a boring science for me. I actually won a science quiz bee contest (during elementary) because I know all of the 9 planets thru your sailor scouts. lol. Michiru's symbol is Psi. I have a degree in Psychology. Is it just coincidence? We'll never know...
ligaya Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011
Well done darling, well done!

Also, were you sad when you found out the astronomers took out Pluto from the official roster of planets? I know I was.
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