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  • Listening to: L'arc En Ciel and other Jmusic artists
  • Watching: old Lupin III movies
  • Eating: yogurt from Golden Spoon
April has always been one of the busiest months for me. Not only because it's my birth month but it's usually the time for reunions and summer parties. And I always make it a point to do something different each year for my b-day. Like last yr, my friends and I played bowling, visited DZRH (a radio station here in the Philipines) and a themed park!

This year, I'll go to Singapore and watch the concert of my favorite Jrock band: L'arc En Ciel. My flight's going to be next week. time flies so fast. It was around January-February when I was talking to one of my friends about this and now, it's just a week away before I'll go there.

I'm also excited to meet my friends in SG. If you're in SG and will also watch Laruku on April 28th, let me know! I'm always delighted to meet fellow fans and gain new friends. :)
theoriginal-zero0000 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Have fun Nagi-chan!
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